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For over 3 decades, we’ve been stepping beyond the extra mile.

At Custom Printers we believe that to produce a high quality product, you need to have high quality equipment. The only way to match or exceed the expectations of our customers is to have professional staff and great equipment.

We have worked hard to acquire and upgrade all printing machinery to create the best possible product without having to leave our plant. We believe that if quality and service is what we are selling, then it is our responsibility to ensure that we have as much control on the final product as we can.

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Business / Commercial / Digital Printing

Fraser Valley Custom Printers provides a flawless end-product & surprisingly fast turn-around times.

Backed by over 30 years of innovation in the printing industry, we carry the latest equipment in both traditional offset printing and digital printing technology. Because of our ongoing commitment as an industry-leader, we’re able to produce superior work in a timely manner while ensuring consistent quality.

By placing an emphasis on consistency, we’ve earned the trust of many loyal clients who rely on us to regularly print their marketing and communications materials.

Business, Commercial, Digital Printing

Booklets / Magazines

Fraser Valley Custom Printers - Booklet and Magazine Printing

Booklet printing is a popular choice for businesses and self-published authors alike. Promotional booklets are a creative way to keep customers and clients engaged in your vision statement, or your company’s history. Standard or customized sizes and binding options are available to help personalize your booklet to your specific needs. Design a marketing booklet to explain the functions, warranty, and safety hazards of your product. Customize your booklet with Fraser Valley Custom Printing, your number one choice for booklet printing services.

Magazines are a perfect way to go in-depth about a topic, especially in the fast-paced, 140 character text world we live in today. A customized magazine can be a low-cost advertisement option, and a way to educate your customers, members, or the public more thoroughly about who you are and what you offer. Our magazine printing services allow you to create a full-colour product that resembles, cover-to-cover, a top selling magazine, or you could print a custom-sized magazine to showcase your company’s unique approach.


Brochure Printing - Fraser Valley Custom Printers

The importance of brochures is no mystery to advertising.  They work.  Their pocket-friendly size makes them perfect for pick-up when displayed in areas of heavy foot-traffic.  A full color, high-gloss finished brochure is the perfect marketing tool for a business looking to reach a broader audience on a smaller advertising budget.  With in-house brochure design we can personalize every square inch of the expansive layout, and help your business, product, or attraction generate the calls, visits, and public buzz that you’re after.


Promotional calendars allow you to market your business 365 days a year. Personalize your calendar and have your logo inside the homes and offices of potential customers. Custom printed calendars allow you to choose the layout by year, month, week, or day. Choose from wall calendars, desk calendars, poster calendars and many, many more styles to meet your marketing needs. Design a custom calendar for fundraising. From oversized to pocket, fridge and desk pad calendars we can personalize your 12-18 month calendar with photos, logos, or a call to action.

Carbonless Form (NCR Form)

Carbonless forms, NCR forms, are ideal for transactions that require multi-copies, such as Bill-of-Lading form, legal forms, or receipts. Custom carbonless copy forms are ideal for small businesses, or those shipping inventory. Sequential page numbering allows for easy reference, while 2-part and up carbonless form allows you to generate the number of copies required for your business needs. Customize copy forms to include your logo and contact information, and design the layout of your invoice, or receipt, to fit your specific business requirements.


Catalogue Printing - Fraser Valley Custom Printers

Custom catalogues are an easy-and-convenient way to promote the products and services offered by your business. It gives your customer a view of your sales floor from the convenience of their living room. Our custom catalogue printing offers a fast turnaround for occasions where time is of the essence. Design a full-colour auction catalogue, or a black-and-white informational course catalogue. Perfect for parts books, lists of inventory, and mail-orders. Our custom printing and in-house design will help you create a catalogue that is personalized for your specific needs.

Flyers and Pamphlets

Custom flyers and pamphlets are an inexpensive and effective way to reach a large audience with an important message or offer. Make custom flyers for church newsletters, real estate listings, or company updates. Design a personalized pamphlet to raise awareness to campaigns, events, or your restaurant’s menu. Ideal for hand-to-hand distribution, flyers and pamphlets simple designs allow readers convenient and immediate access to the most important information at a glance.


A shoe box full of disorganized scrap pieces of paper is no substitute for a unique, custom bound notepad. Keep your thoughts, business ideas, or client’s phone numbers organized and show them the respect they deserve. A notepad that has been personalized for your business is a promotional tool that will leave people saying, “where is my [your business name here] notepad with that million dollar idea I wrote down in it?” Let your promotional notepad create emotional bonds with customers you never imagined were possible.

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folder Printing

Simply put, a presentation folder is something that holds, and helps organize loose paper, or company documents. But, a presentation folder that has been professionally designed to showcase your company’s image is a marketing tool. Walk into your next business meeting or sales pitch with a custom 9×12 presentation folder and represent your brand properly, while showing your client you take their business seriously. If you want to ensure all members of your organization represent your company in a similar fashion, wholesale presentation folders are an organized solution.

Rack Cards

Quick, convenient, and easy to carry custom 4×9 rack cards allow you to catch the attention of a diverse audience. Design a full color, high-gloss finish rack card that will get people out of their seats and walking across the lobby to pick up these eye-catching pieces of advertisement. The benefit of custom rack card printing is the comfort of knowing your design will be unique, and stand out from the dull and uninspired use of internet templates for rack cards that crookedly line today’s shelves.

Roll-to-Roll Labels

Roll-to-roll labels are a financially wise investment for any business hoping to expand production. Not only are they faster and cheaper than printing labels from home, but with our custom roll-to-roll printing machine we can offer more label shapes and materials, and guarantee fewer wasted labels. Wholesale custom roll labels are designed to make your labelling needs easier by letting you choose how they will peel from the roll and apply to your product. Customized roll-to-roll stickers also allow you to print warehouse barcode labels with sequential numbering.

Self-Published Books

Self-published Book Printing

If you’re an author looking to self-publish a collection of work, let us help you design a perfect bound book that will look like it belongs on the shelf of your local bookstore next to the New York Times Bestsellers. Self-published books are a creative way to forever capture the memories of your wedding, by customizing your photo album, cover-to-cover, in a coffee-table book format. Design your cover, and inserts and choose from a wide-variety of binding options, from spiral to wire bound, and completely personalize your collection of writing and memories.

Scratch Pads

A scratch pad is a fan favourite at tradeshows. Customizing your scratch pad for promotional giveaways is an easy way to have your company’s name and logo involved in the daily lives of potential customers and clients. Your companies scratch pad could be where people jot down their brilliance, or at least the grocery list. Or, customize your memo pad to your exact needs. A lot of phone calls? Need certain questions asked when taking a message? Never miss a detail with personalized memo and scratch pads.

Stationary Items

Letterhead printing adds a level of professionalism to every business, big or small. Build your professional credibility by maintaining a level of consistency when it comes to all printed communications.

Design letterhead to display your company logo, slogan, and contact information. Personalize your stationary today, and set yourself apart from those still wasting time downloading and editing letterhead templates online and hoping it looks similar to the what they used yesterday.

Envelopes can be a first impression of your business to a potential client. Custom envelopes are great for home office, business, or personal needs. Customize your commercial envelopes to be in tune with the rest of your office stationary. Design your wedding envelopes to match the elegance of the invitation. Add custom designed text and graphics to all styles of envelopes, including commercial, security, or window envelopes. Custom-sizes are available to meet your specific needs.

Business Cards, in a digital era, are no longer just a way to pass on contact information. They are an extension of your brand image. Go the traditional route with two-color, double-sided business cards and maintain that professional elegance.

If you’re in the creative industry create a unique business card with multi-color graphics, custom shapes, and cuts, or rounded edges to express your artistic flair. With personalized business cards you can design a first impression that never says goodbye, and generates future hellos.

Variable Data

Variable-data printing lets your company’s broad communications be more personalized towards an individual client, or customer. Custom variable-data printing allows text, graphics or images to be changed from one page to the next, without skipping a beat during the printing process. Perfect for direct marketing, customer relationship needs, or applying individual addresses to mail. Address your customers personally with variable-data printing, while increasing your response rates and ensuring your mail doesn’t get tossed in the anonymous, junk pile ever again.

Banners / Signage / Trade Show Printing

Large format printing is what we do. With over 30 years and 3 generations of experience in this specialized field, we have the right people and the right equipment to produce high-quality indoor and outdoor graphics that will attract your customers’ attention every time.

Banners, Signage, Trade Show, Wide Format Printing


Catch the attention of passerby’s with a customized vinyl banner. Regardless of the style of banner you choose (wall banner, feather banner, pop-up banner, etc.) the durability and small upfront cost make them one of the most cost-efficient methods of advertising today. Direct attention towards your restaurant, event, or boutique with a custom pole, or hanging banner. Create a personalized concert banner to promote your band’s name and logo, large enough that even those seated in the nosebleeds know who you are.

Lawn/Zoning Signs

Coroplast Signs - Fraser Valley Custom Printers

Custom lawn signs can be used to show support for a political candidate, direct buyers to an open house, or act as a business card for a company that just finished a landscaping or renovation job. From H-Frame to I-Frame bag signs, to large vinyl, or coroplast zoning signs, we offer 100% customizable text and graphic printing solutions for your lawn and zoning sign needs.


Poster Printing - Fraser Valley Custom Printers

Custom posters are an easy and effective way to promote new products and services from the window or lobby of your business. Design campaign posters. Promote your companies policies and safety culture within your working environment with customized posters. Make custom posters from photos, or have our in-house design team help you design something to meet your specific advertising, promotional, educational, or entertainment needs.

Real Estate Signs

From site signs that identify your property to parking and directional signs, Fraser Valley Custom Printers has a solution that fits. 

Tradeshow Signs

Tradeshow display signs are a perfect way to attract the attention of potential clients and customers to your booth and away from the competition. Design a full colour, high impact exhibit sign that will easily attract the attention you want. Custom signage for tradeshows are a perfect way to launch or sell a product. Tradeshow display signs are also a convenient way to help correct a misconception that a potential client may have with your product, image, or company’s history without having to lure them into a conversation.

Window Graphics

Customize your car, office, or storefront windows with personalized graphics and lettering. Add your address, business hours, or company name and logo to your entrance. Advertise your company with customized window graphics for your car. Shade the lobby of your restaurant with window graphics that can also act as window tint. Or, as a safety precaution, add graphics to your storefront window to prevent unsuspecting people and birds from walking or flying into the see-through glass.

T-Shirts / Apparel / Promotional Printing

We provide a product for everyone. Whether you are a school, team, company or just planning a family gathering; we can make you look good. Offering durable silk screen print, heat press, and different options for promotional products.



t-shirt printing - Fraser Valley Custom Printers

Nothing makes more of a statement than 300 people at an event displaying the same message, or simply a 2 year old with a special birthday shirt. We offer silk screening for those who want 10 to 10,000 shirts, or heat press for numbered jerseys, company giveaways, or whatever your imagination can come up with. Fraser Valley Custom Printers loves shirts.


Hoodies - Fraser Valley Custom Printers

Whether it be a Christmas promotion to special customers, staff presents, or you have a great statement or brand that you would like to wear with you on cool days, we have an option for you.